Alphabetical 2008

June 24, 2011
by Christian
in What I Drank Last Night
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"C" is for Cab and Carignan…

Finally got my hands on a bottle of red blend Alphabetical 2008 as made by David Cope (aka The Foodie) and Simon Wibberly of Cape Town restaurant and bar &Union but I’m not sure there’s terribly much I can add.

You see, if there’s anybody who understands how to use social media to good marketing advantage, then it’s these two and Cope himself, Andy Fenner (aka Jamie Who?) of, Harry Haddon of Wine& and Clare Mack of have all already written about it (see here, here, here and here). The packaging has even been critiqued on wine packaging website (see here).

Only Haddon seems less than enamoured with the wine but Harry, dude, you’re out on a limb. The wine is a multi-varietal blend (apparently nearly every letter in the alphabet represented were the varieties to be listed and hence the name) but from what I can gather predominantly consisting of Swartland Shiraz and Stellenbosch Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s a little rustic but it sure ain’t dull. On the nose, red and black fruit as well as some notes that veer into the savoury part of the spectrum.  The palate is medium bodied with flavours of red and black fruit as well as pronounced spice; oak is well judged (which is to say nicely in the background) and the wine has good freshness.

As others have noted, I think it should prove highly versatile with food. A very good drop at R75 a bottle, and should you acquire some, then you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re drinking what all the other hipsters are drinking.

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  1. SimonJune 24, 2011 at 9:09 amReply

    Thanks Gents. Appreciate the feedback. Look forward to having y’all around to &UNION for a glass soon. 

  2. ChristianJune 24, 2011 at 8:51 amReplyAuthor

    Harry’s references to tumblers, a tent, the rain and helium balloons were all part of Le Carnaval du Vin:

  3. HarryJune 24, 2011 at 8:38 amReply

    Ya, kind of knew I was out on a limb from the start. I joined Simon for a bottle at & Union, and as I was drinking my way through seeing if I felt different (the first bottle I had under, well, less than perfect conditions) every single person who came up to Simon said how much they loved it. 

    I’ll admit I have enjoyed it more since I first tasted it, but am not going to rave about it. What I can do is fully endorse it, as it certainly not boring. And if there is one thing that we need in SA is more interesting wines. 

    I can say that it was amazing out of tumblers, under a tent, in the rain, paired with helium balloons. 

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