David Donde: How to make great-tasting coffee at home

July 2, 2015
by David Donde
in Opinion & Analysis
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I am often asked how to make great coffee at home. Well, actually, I am usually asked “Which (overpriced) espresso machine should I buy?”.

Presumably one’s life is better and more fulfilled with a shiny, huge, dust-gathering and divorce-inducing, Eskom-load-shedding triggering geyser- filled contraption sitting on the kitchen counter.

My answer is such devices are totally unnecessary. Fresh, high quality beans, roasted for optimal flavour and ground there and then with your burr grinder, will have you most of the way there.

I own several small and very impressive espresso machines. They are all at my place of work.

At home I love a beautiful filter coffee in the morning. And I do mean beautiful.

Abid2My current method involves a grinder from Italian company Anfim, our Vengeance blend, a three-minute sand egg timer, a kettle and an ABID Clever Coffee Dripper.

Here is my method:

19g of coffee ground for filter (fine, about sand-like)
180g of boiling water
40g of tepid or cold water from a jug on the counter
Take the coffee, grind into the filter paper
Immerse in the 40g of water
Start to boil the kettle
When kettle boils flip the timer
Slowly pour the boiling water of the watery cool coffee “mud”
Pop dripper over cup to release coffee when timer ends.
Serve as is. No milk or sugar needed or wanted!

David Donde is the guy behind Truth Coffee in Cape Town, recently topping the list of the world best coffee shops as generated by UK media title The Telegraph.

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  1. Mark AckermannAugust 20, 2015 at 2:29 pmReply

    I recently bought a coffee maker and after a lot of research eventually ended up with an Aeropress:


    Got to say it brings out a good flavour. Never tried a dripper though. Reckon after reading this I might have to give it a try!

  2. Hennie TaljaardJuly 9, 2015 at 2:20 pmReply

    where can one buy the Clever Coffee Dripper?

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