Joostenberg Small Batch Collection Roussanne 2014

June 15, 2015
by Christian
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A visit to Joostenberg Deli and Bistro is now recommended not only for the food but also because it will allow you to get your hands on some Small Batch Collection wines that the associated cellar has started to make. Tasting notes and scores for two in this series as follows:

Joostenberg Kaalgat Steen 2014
Price: R125
Whole-bunch fermented and then matured for 10 months in a single old barrel. No sulphur dioxide added. Wonderfully fragrant – peach, apricot and orange plus potpourri. Rich and particularly thick-textured but there’s bright acidity in evidence, too. Intensely flavoured with a strikingly savoury finish. Not for the uninitiated but if you like “natural wine”, this is a very good example. Total production: 236 bottles.

Score: 90/100.

Limited release.

Limited release.

Joostenberg Roussanne 2014
Price: R125
Baked apple, peach, a certain earthiness and lots of spice including cloves and nutmeg. Quite broad in the mouth but not listless, the finish gently savoury. Has a real deliciousness about it. Total production: 284 bottles.

Score: 91/100.

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  1. JoeJune 16, 2015 at 5:51 amReply

    The only thing wrong witth hese wines are that there’s so very little of them.

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