Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show vs Platter’s

August 27, 2014
by Christian
in What I Drank Last Night
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Caroline's Fine Wine CellarLast night I presented a tasting on behalf of Caroline’s Fine Wine Cellar in Constantia in comparing wines that had won gold at the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show with wines to have rated 5 Stars in Platter’s. The line-up as follows:

Delaire Graff Coastal Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc 2013 – best in class at OMTWS
Kleine Zalze Family Reserve Sauvigon Blanc 2012 – 5 Stars in Platter’s

KWV The Mentors Chenin Blanc 2013 – best in class at OMTWS
Stellenrust Barrel Fermented “48” Chenin Blanc 2012 – 5 Stars in Platter’s

Mulderbosch Chardonnay 2013 – best in class, best white wine overall at OMTWS
Chamonix Reserve Chardonnay 2012 – 5 Stars in Platter’s

Super Single Vineyards Mount Sutherland Syrah 2012 – best in class, best red wine overall at OMTWS
Stark-Condé Three Pines Syrah 2011 – 5 Stars in Platter’s

Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 – best in class at OMTWS
Ernie Els Proprietor’s Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 – 5 Stars in Platter’s

Spier 21 Gables Pinotage 2011 – best in class at OMTWS
Spioenkop “1900” Pinotage 2012 – 5 Stars in Platter’s

Orange River Cellars Red Muscadel 2013 – 2012 vintage best in class at OMTWS
Alvi’s Drift Muscat de Frontignan White 2010 – 5 Stars in Platter’s

What was fascinating about the exercise was that the OMTWS laureates were the lighter and more elegant of each pair, the wines to have achieved Platter’s ultimate accolade more weighty and powerful almost across the board (when it came to the two examples of Pinotage, this trend was reversed). It’s often argued that competitions where judges taste large line-ups blind inevitably reward blockbusters but evidently this is not always the case.

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  1. KwispedoorAugust 27, 2014 at 11:57 amReply

    IMHO that sample is too small to prove anything substantial. It’s possible to pick plenty of wines from either side so that they end up as in this Pinotage match-up.

    • ChristianAugust 27, 2014 at 5:06 pmReplyAuthor

      Fair comment. And for the record, Lara of Caroline’s was largely in charge of composing the line-up so no agenda on my part…

  2. HenkAugust 27, 2014 at 8:54 amReply

    Hi Christian,

    I have done this excercise many times between OMWT, Platters, Veritas and the like.

    I often find a disparity between the results and like Colyn mentioned I do think the judges have a hughe part in this.

    I also noted that the number of submissions received for a lot of the shows are very few and it would be interesting to see how the results would change based on a wider sample/submissions.

    I know Platters has it’s faults but I still believe it is one of the better guidlines and in the end it also comes to personal choice.

    Could you please rate your favourites?

    • ChristianAugust 27, 2014 at 9:19 amReplyAuthor

      Who says nobody cares about ratings? I thought the two Chenins were both very good – the KWV showing extraordinary purity of fruit, the Stellenrust rich and complex; the Mount Sutherland really captures my imagination but interestingly found very little favour with the audience – perhaps ahead of its time; and I really like that Spioenkop Pinotage – just so pretty.

  3. Colyn TruterAugust 27, 2014 at 7:55 amReply

    Could it also be that the OMWT has international judges with a different and maybe ‘lighter preference’ palate? The new world I believe is much more about aromatics on the nose than old world producers/judges?! Mouthfeel and palate/taste in the end dictates whether a consumer will like the wine or not…

    I still believe that producer&region perception has a HUGE influence on the Platter Guide results…pity you didnt point out your favorites among the wines tasted last night!

    • ChristianAugust 27, 2014 at 8:40 amReplyAuthor

      Hi Colyn, For me, it’s not a case of Trophy Wine Show returning more “valid” results than Platter’s or vice versa – all the wines on show last night were of a high standard. The Jordan-Ernie Els comparison is a good case in point: I was on the panel that put Jordan forward for a trophy and I was also the Platter’s taster who nominated Ernie Els for 5 Stars – the two wines couldn’t be further apart on the stylistic spectrum but both are very good in and of themselves.

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