Palladius 2013 and Columella 2013

August 13, 2015
by Christian
in What I Drank Last Night
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The kit.

The kit.

New vintages of  the signature offerings from Sadie Family Wines have just been released:

Palladius 2013
Wine Cellar price: R510

Chenin Blanc, Grenache Blanc, Clairette Blanche, Viognier, Verdelho, Roussanne, Semillon Gris, Semillon Blanc and Palomino.

The nose is wonderfully fragrant – heady and exotic with notes of flowers, thatch, lime, peach and apricot. The palate meanwhile possesses a weightless intensity and moves really well in the mouth. This wine is full but lithe, and avoids being excessively thick textured. The acidity is lemon-like, which is to say bright and entirely natural. Handsome, sophisticated and very polished. Substantial without appearing too forceful, which is a great trick to pull off.

Score: 95/100.

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Columella 2013
Wine Cellar price: R695

80% Syrah, 17% Mourvedre and 3% Grenache.

An utterly enticing nose of red and black fruit, purple flowers and fynbos. Very little Swartland earthiness (which sometimes can be a bit base) or overt stemmy character.

The palate is rich and full but shows great poise – there’s nothing discordant in terms of structure. As with the Palladius, the wine is intense but not exaggerated. Lovely fresh acidity and deft extraction making for fine tannins. Cleverly envisioned and executed overall – much made of the fact that this wine has the lowest abv since the maiden 2000 vintage (14% on the back label) and this is unquestionably in the wine’s favour. Delicacy, grace and just a bit of Sadie insouciance in evidence.

Score: 96/100.

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  1. John HartleyAugust 17, 2015 at 2:28 pmReply

    Ja, Kwispedoor, you and most of the Winemags readership! Now what would that do for the economy……?

    • KwispedoorAugust 17, 2015 at 5:03 pmReply

      The economy is not my first priority, John. :-)

  2. ChristianAugust 17, 2015 at 8:17 amReplyAuthor

    Hi Smirrie, For me, Columella 2013 is the most accomplished modern-era SA red yet. New-release Ouwingerdreeks wines all in hand. Just need a gap in my schedule…

    • KwispedoorAugust 17, 2015 at 10:26 amReply

      If I had all the Ouwingerdreeks wines in hand, gaps the size of Brazil would instantaneously appear all over my schedule. Actually, my entire schedule would probably vanish like government morality.

  3. SmirrieAugust 17, 2015 at 7:49 amReply

    I agree wholeheartedly with the reviews. I thought the Palladius was better than the Columella for me but the high points i believe is spot on.

    Any reviews of the 2014 OVS perhaps ? Specifically the T-Voetpad, Treinspoor and Skerpioen perhaps.

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