Spot review: “light” reds

October 5, 2011
by Christian
in What I Drank Last Night
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For daiquiri drinkers.

Two examples of Pinot Noir and a Gamay Noir Rosé received recently were tasted sighted and scored according to the 20-point system:

Kleine Zalze Vineyard Selection Barrel Matured Pinot Noir 2009
Wine of origin Western Cape – 13%

Black but not very deep, pale rim. The nose shows plenty of oak-derived aromas including vanilla plus some earthiness. The palate lacks any great complexity or nuance. Some black cherry flavour but generally lean with hard acidity and astringent tannins.
Score: 14/20.

Kleine Zalze Gamay Noir Rosé 2011
Wine of origin Coastal Region – 14%
Pale cherry pink. Shy nose. The palate is light bodied with a vague red fruit character. Bright acidity lends freshness but very simple overall. Slight perlé sensation is disconcerting.
Score: 13.5/20

Haute Cabrière Unwooded Pinot Noir 2011
Wine of origin Franschhoek – 12%
Pale purple. Alcoholic strawberry juice. Ripe to the point of cooked. Very little freshness or tannic structure. Only redeeming quality is that aromas and flavours are grape rather than oak derived.
Score: 13/20

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