Topical pic: 5 Star tasting for Platter’s 2011 completed

August 21, 2010
by Christian
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5 Star tasting for Platter's 2011 - there are worse tastings to be involved in...

5 Star tasting for Platter's 2011 – there are worse tastings to be involved in…

Judging of the wines nominated for 5 Stars to appear in Platter’s 2011 was completed yesterday at the Devon Valley hotel in Stellenbosch. There were a total of 150 wines in the running, and tasters were divided into three panels, each panel assessing different categories. How many wines achieved the guide’s ultimate accolade? Now that would be telling…

In addition, the entire body of judges looked at 13 wines for the title of “Superquaffer of the Year”, each taster being required to rank the line-up in order of preference. All will be revealed when the guide is launched in November.

See results here.

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  1. Wilson TruckleAugust 22, 2010 at 6:20 pmReply

    After Mr. Fridjohn’s demolition job on Eben Sadie’s wines last week in Business Day, I don’t think Platter five star wines have any credibility left at all. His Palladius was top wine yet Mike calls it a collapser.

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