Topical pic: Judging for WINE magazine’s 2010 Best Value Wine Guide under way

August 4, 2010
by Christian
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Screening of entries - not for sissies.

Screening of entries – not for sissies.

Tasting for WINE magazine’s 2010 Best Value Wine Guide  began this week, entries for possible inclusion amounting to 969 compared to 1 093 in 2009.

Judges include Christine Rudman CWM in the capacity of floating chair, Carrie Adams of Johannesburg retailer Norman Goodfellows, Ginette de Fleuriot of Wineworx, Gawie Marx, general manager of the Grande Roche hotel, wine writer Fiona McDonald, Mark Norrish of sponsors Ultra Liquors and me.

Screening took place over Monday and Tuesday with just under 600 wines being considered worthy of more detailed appraisal, this process having begun today and continuing over Thursday and Friday. Judging involves two panels of three judges, each panel assessing different classes.

Wines must sell for under R60 a bottle to be eligible to enter and are required to rate at least 2½ Stars (equivalent to an average arithmetic score of 14.5 on the 20-point scale). The guide will be distributed free with the November issue of WINE.

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