Topical pic: South Africa vs. New Zealand and lunch with Sebastian Beaumont

March 25, 2011
by Christian
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Beaumont winemaker Sebastian Beaumont

Difficult to concentrate on work when national side the Proteas is playing in a Cricket World Cup semi-final. As I was sneaking out for a lunch-time burger at local restaurant Drew’s on Durban, an unexpected call from Sebastian Beaumont of family-owned Bot River winery Beaumont. The 2010 vintage of Hope Marguerite Chenin Blanc (increasingly well established as one of the best in the country – see here) has just been released and he wanted me to have a sample bottle.

We drank mainly Amstel draft during lunch but I did sneak in a taste of the standard-label 2010, which contains 40% bought-in Elgin fruit on account of how small the Beaumont crop was that year. Juicy fruit, fresh acidity but also some phenolic grip. Beaumont wines have always had a winning quirkiness about them, but Sebastian has introduced that little bit of refinement which provides  real drinkability and hence commercial viability.

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  1. angela lloydMarch 25, 2011 at 6:30 pmReply

    wishful thinking, Christian – it was only a quarter final. Don’t know how, but apparently the Proteas have never won a knock out round in the World Cup. Thank goodness for the great 2010 Hope Marguerite Chenin

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