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What “Josie” drank on 16.06

Melck's 2009
Melck's 2009

Josie says: “Last week I discovered that my local PnP in Gabriel Road, Plumstead stocks the astonishingly well-priced, quite delicious (young and fruity but some sturdy tannins) 2009 Melck’s red blend (at around R47 it is incredibly good value for money). And just the potion necessary to kill the pain of watching The Boys embarrass their way to a 3-0 loss against those busy little Uruguayans. I have to say, the many close-ups of Diego Forlán were very helpful too. I am currently on a quest to find drinkable organic wines, having picked up an intolerance to sulphur in my dotage. Keep you posted and thanks for the great site. A great alternative to work.”

Here you get to reminisce not just about bottles drunk but also great meals eaten and the crazy, crazy gang that was there at the time. Send photos and brief comments to widlneditor@gmail.com. Feel free to use a pseudonym and your email address will not be published.



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