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Boplaas 1880 Ox Wagon Reserve 8 Year Potstill Brandy

Elixir of life.
Elixir of life.

The Boplaas 1880 Ox Wagon Reserve 8 Year Potstill Brandy is as fine a liquor product as I’ve drunk all year. My first encounter with it was during the blind tasting of wines put forward for this year’s Cape Winemakers Guild Auction where I scored it 93/100. Drinking a bottle over the last few nights, I’m inclined to think it’s even better than that.

Brandy functions best as a digestif, which is to say a drink taken after the meal in order to aid digestion, and this really serves the purpose, a tot or two proving invigorating rather than intoxicating. Showing pear, peach, apricot and subtle spice, it’s pretty and light and has a lovely freshness about it. A very refined offering (average auction price: R3 808.33 per six-bottle case).

Score (revised): 95/100.


  1. Good day Christian & Bobby
    Thanks for the mention Christian and I am happy you enjoy our brandies. Just want to clarify the alc. The Boplaas 8 year and 20 year Brandies are Potstill brandies with 38%. The Boplaas Carel Nel, 5 year, 10 year and 15 year are blended brandies with 43% alc. Hope that help! Have a great day.


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