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What “Biggles” drank on 19.06:


wine stainsBiggles says: “Right now I am drinking a Perdeberg Chenin Blanc 2009 – today has been long and a joyous occasion, but when you have to try and work out which way the thread of your new bottle of wine  is going to take when trying to close it you have to question quality, so let’s consider the quality of the material used to create the screw cap, in this case I can seriously say “cheap shit”.  One wonders whether there is an argument to bring back the good old cork. Seriously, Perdebrerg your screw tops are,um… screwed. But then again I don’t think you expected anyone to put the lid back on after opening it…”

Here you get to reminisce not just about bottles drunk but also great meals eaten and the crazy, crazy gang that was there at the time. Send photos and brief comments to widlneditor@gmail.com. Feel free to use a pseudonym and your email address will not be published.


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