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Castle Draught

It all comes together with a Castle. Or not.
It all comes together with a Castle. Or not.

With darling wanting daughter Zoë and me out from under her feet this Saturday morning, we set off for a walk along Liesbeek River that runs not far from our house. Imagine my luck when half an hour in, Zöe decided on a morning nap. This afforded me the opportunity of a pint at Fat Cactus Café, the bar and restaurant off Durban Road, Mowbray. I wouldn’t normally drink SAB brand Castle as it’s like making love in a canoe (f*ckin’ close to water) but I do make an exception at the Fat Cactus as it’s the only beer on tap and keg beer always trumps bottled beer on the basis that it’s not pasteurised and therefore retains what little flavour the commercial stuff has to start with.

Fat Cactus is skanky in a winning kind of way and is famed for its jugs of frozen margarita – I spent far too much time there before the birth of said daughter. This morning, I got chatting to manager Simon and asked him about the precise breakdown of clientele and he reckons a third local residents, a third UCT student and a third devotees of the establishment that come from far and wide – apparently one set of regulars trucks in from Gordon’s Bay once a week.

Has  the World Cup been good for business so far? Drinks spend is in fact marginally down as customers order less while focused on the game.

Fat Cactus Café, 47 Durban Road, Mowbray. Tel 021 685 1920.


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