Chateau Labégorce 1967 vs. Chateau Latour 1967

By , 23 November 2011



Still possessing a glimmer of life.

Over lunch yesterday, some old Bordeaux. Unclassed Margaux property Labégorce up against Pauillac First Growth Latour, both from the 1967 vintage to be precise. Labégorce was a wine geek oddity, past its best but still of interest. Boot polish and forest floor aromas on the nose, before a palate that showed the last vestiges of red fruit, plenty of tertiary character and rather hard acidity.

The Latour, meanwhile, proved that the famous 1855 Classification was not entirely spurious. Deep colour, intense cassis on both nose and palate, tannins firm but ever so fine. What more could could be asked of the wine? I believe 1961 was quite a good vintage…


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  • Shane Gordon23 November 2011

    Hi Christian

    1967 does not seem to be recorded as a good red wine vintage but it is noted as a good vintage for sweet Bordeaux wines. 1961 is recorded as a good vintage for red wines however.

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