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Chateau Pontet-Canet 2010



Last night, a tasting of Bordeaux from the much vaunted 2010 vintage hosted by Wine Cellar, the Cape Town-based fine wine merchants and cellarers.

Two remarkable wines, the first being newly appointed St-Emilion First Growth Château Angélus, the 2010 rated 98 on the 100-point scale by the influential US critic Robert Parker. With an alcohol by volume of 15.5%, it’s incredibly rich and dense but is in no way listless or hot – the fruit pure and well defined, the acidity fresh. Yours for just R4 150 a bottle from Wine Cellar.

Then, the Pontet-Canet, the Pauillac Fifth Growth, the 2010 rated 100 out of 100 by Parker. Dark fruit, some floral character, some attractive herbaceousness, a subtle maritime note. Sweet-fruited upfront b but balanced by fresh acidity and possessing lovely structure, the tannins firm but fine – a very composed wine. Very difficult to fault so why not give it a perfect score? R3 250 a bottle from Wine Cellar.

For the full list of Bordeaux 2010s available from Wine Cellar, see here.


  1. Ha-ha – all scores are academic (and other things aside), which is the only reason I was curious. But then they needed to have been 100-point scores to be compared with Parky’s.

    • I concede that scoring/rating wine is untenable after a point but do it anyway as a guide to purchase. What I meant in this instance is that whatever I give Angelus 2010 or Pontet-Canet 2010 is going to have absolutely no influence on the market whatsoever whereas giving Luddite Chenin Blanc 2012, for instance, a score of 91 might result in at least one or two bottles getting sold.

      • I get all of that. And you’re right (eish, but that Luddite price prohibits most Luddites from trying it out…). I was simply a touch interested to see how close to 100 you’ll go, especially as I personally think the 100-point system is even more daft than the 20-point system, though they both clearly have some (mostly commercial) value and scoring is certainly not without merit if you blog about wine. Alas, you’ve side-stepped that one like Carel du Plessis… ;-)

  2. Much, much easier rating system: Wines I’ll drink (&keep to myself while drinking), wines I’ll drink (&share while drinking), wines I’ll pour my mother-in-law.


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