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Crazy cool.
Crazy cool.

Yesterday as part of presentation by Georg Riedel of the Riedel Wine Glass Company, Coca-Cola from plastic mug and from dedicated Riedel glass to convey the message that your choice of drinking vessel makes a difference.

Coca-Cola from plastic mug: Notes of lemon and caramel on the nose, the residual sugar hitting the palate hard and the carbon dioxide entering the mouth with a surge but quickly dissipating.

Coca-Cola from Riedel glass (inspired by the classic contour bottle of 1915 and having no pores in its surface): The lemon on the nose transformed into orange, the effervescence now much better managed and lasting much longer in the mouth, the finish somewhat mineral.

It was a dramatic demonstration – Coca-Cola made more refined – but I still can’t decide if it’s how I want to drink the stuff. Regardless, Riedel sells 600 000 of these out of total sales of 55 million glasses a year.


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