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Delheim White Muscadel 2008

Delheim White Muscadel 2008
Delheim White Muscadel 2008

South Africa makes some of the finest fortified dessert wines in the world and yet it is a category that is about as popular as vuvuzelas during a live World Cup broadcast.

The point has been made often enough that more imaginative packaging would go some way to helping sales and Stellenbosch winery Delheim gets full marks for the appearance of is White Muscadel 2008.

The first wines made on the farm in 1948 was a White Muscadel and since wine bottles were extremely scarce post World War II, beer bottles were used instead. To celebrate 60 years of winemaking at Delheim, the 2008 White Muscadel was also bottled in a beer bottle with Grolsch-style swing top. The wine rates 2 Stars in the July 2010 issue of WINE magazine but served with Woolworths mini cupcakes on the afternoon that Ghana vanquished Serbia made the vuvuzelas more than bearable. The wine sells for R100 per 500ml bottle from the farm.


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