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Dombeya Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

Azure Ray
Azure Ray

This blog is not purely an exercise in vanity so I’m sitting here drinking the rather good Dombeya Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 (4½ Stars in the April issue of WINE magazine) and wondering how to get my Uniform Resource Locator further up the Google rankings. It appears that when you type in “What I drank last night” then a tune by the now disbanded Azure Ray called “The drinks we drank last night” features pretty highly in terms of search engine optimisation. Luckily, it’s a genre to which I’m not averse. See video here.


  1. The juxtaposition works for me :-)…did you know that there was a big selling NZ savvy called ‘Azure Bay’ at one point down under…came in a bright blue bottle, and every restaurant used them to serve water after the wine had been downed. Alas, like the band above, now defunct…but now of the top 10 selling Sauvignon Blanc’s in Australia, 10 are NZ. I rate this post 92 points. GD.


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