Hospices de Beaune Cuvée Hugues et Louis-Bétalt Beaune 1971

By , 15 May 2012

In praise of older wine.

Quick lunch with my sweetheart wife at Magica Roma, Pinelands to mark the passing of another year. Could there be a more perfect accompaniment to grilled calamari with chilli and garlic than a glass of Cederberg Sauvignon Blanc 2011? No need for a squeeze of lemon with the citrus flavour and bright acidity of the wine.

Then on to  Hospices de Beaune Cuvée Hugues et Louis-Bétalt Beaune 1971, with me very much 41 years old and the wine a few months off. To eat, snail, bacon and pancetta pasta. The wine was sublime, managing to be both rich and fresh. Red cherry, mushrooms and musk. Surprisingly thick textured and the perfect foil for the hearty dish.


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