Is Christine Rudman CWM the best taster in the country?

By , 23 July 2010



Platter's 2010

Platter's 2010

Tasting my way through wines to be rated for the 2011 edition of Platter’s, I’ve come across one or two that I think might be in the running for the guide’s ultimate accolade of 5 Stars. The way that Platter’s works is that all wines are tasted sighted (labels exposed), except for those nominated for 5 Stars. Each member of the tasting team gets a random selection of new-release wines to work through over the course of approximately six weeks and those that he or she thinks are worthy of 5 Stars subsequently go before a panel that tastes blind for confirmation.

Out of the 41 wines that went on to earn 5 Stars in the 2010 guide, six were nominated by Christine Rudman CWM, five by Angela Lloyd and four each by Dave Swingler, Cathy van Zyl MW and Meryl Weaver CWM. What gets nominated obviously depends on which wines are allocated to whom, and some tasters work through a lot more wines than others, but even so Rudman had the best strike rate last year. What would be just as interesting is to see who nominated the wines that were put forward but fell short of panel approval…


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  • Thys26 July 2010

    What would be more interesting would be to know how many wines were recommended for 5 star confirmation by each taster and subsequently rejected. Are any rejected?

    • Christian26 July 2010

      The wines listed as “Highly recommended” at the front of the 2010 guide were all nominated for 5 Stars by individual tasters (tasting sighted) but not confirmed by their colleagues (tasting blind). Somebody with some time on their hands could easily work out who nominated what…

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