Ken Forrester Chenin Blanc 2006 vs. Ken Forrester The FMC 2006

By , 24 May 2013



The long and the short of it.

The long and the short of it.

Really, really don’t want to be drawn into the closure debate (yawn) but today another experience that makes a compelling argument for screwcap over cork. At lunch courtesy of Ken Forrester Wines, the standard-label Chenin Blanc followed by the top-end The FMC, both from the 2006 vintage, the former closed with screwcap and the latter with cork.

The standard-label was in great nick, developed but pleasingly so showing citrus and wax on the nose, plump and rich on the palate with bright acidity (score: 88/100). The FMC showed disconcerting bottle variation, but typically appeared unduly advanced – little fruit, lots of honeyed, nutty notes (score: 85/100). Forrester now uses screwcap across all wines in his range…


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  • Kwispedoor24 May 2013

    Is that a magnum, Christian? When you talk about disconcerting bottle variation, it implies you’ve had more than one bottle. I’ve got only one The FMC 2006, so only one opportunity to open it. Therefore, I’m interested in how the different bottles showed – do you mind elaborating a bit on that, please?

  • Christian25 May 2013

    Hi Kwispedoor, We had FMC 2006 from 750ml at a formal tasting prior to lunch – three bottles opened, the first very tired, the second excellent, the third somewhere in between. At lunch, the wine was served from magnum and was much like the third wine from the formal tasting – hardly undrinkable but somewhat disappointing given the label and overshadowed by its lesser stablemate. When Ken Forrester Wines did a 2000 – 2009 vertical of FMC two years ago, the 2006 showed very well (see so I have to conclude that closure was the issue here.

  • jonathan Snashall26 May 2013

    have you noticed how little PR (spin) the screw cap industry does? quite telling. i think with being able to select liners with known gas exchange (to match eg the wine chemistry), the debate is over.

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