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L’Avenir Grand Vin Pinotage 2007

L'Avenir Grand Vin Pinotage 2007
L'Avenir Grand Vin Pinotage 2007

Thursday night was the Johannesburg public tasting of some of the top-performing examples of Pinotage from WINE magazine’s category review.

Question of the evening was how it could be explained that two of the wines that were included in the line-up had also been on show at the recent tasting of the gold and silver medal winners from this year’s Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show. What strange twist of fate, what connivance of awful forces could result in the same two wines doing well in two different judging environments?

I was glad to reply that the situation had come about simply because wine judges aren’t always completely inconsistent! The two wines in question were the Lanzerac Pionier Pinotage 2007 (4 Stars in WINE magazine, gold at Trophy Wine Show) and L’Avenir Grand Vin 2007 (4 Stars in WINE magazine, silver at Trophy Wine Show).

They’re stylistically very similar and L’Avenir cellar master Tinus Els lets on that his predecessor Francois Naudé is consultant at both wineries. Both are cracking good stuff, both have the same price ex-cellar of R250 a bottle, but I think I ultimately prefer the L’Avenir, which is just a little bit more classically styled.


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