Lievland Weisser Riesling 2004

By , 4 February 2011



Honest and unpretentious.

Honest and unpretentious.

Many wine geeks claim that Riesling is the greatest white variety in the world and yet it somehow consistently fails to capture the popular imagination. I suspect this is because the variety finds its greatest expression when grown in its traditional home of Germany, but there are only some 22 000ha of it planted there and my understanding is that by far the majority of German Riesling gets consumed by Germans.

Reluctant to open yet another bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, I recently opened a long over-looked bottle of Weisser Riesling 2004 from Stellenbosch winery Lievland, its only recommendations 3 Stars in the November 2005 issue of Wine magazine and bronze at Veritas 2004.

My expectations were not very high as a consequence but on opening the wine, I was pleasantly surprised. Very fresh for a wine seven years on from vintage, with plenty of lime and just a touch of terpene to add interest. Not profound but eminently drinkable.

Just Riesling was started to promote the advancement of Riesling locally a few years back but judging by how out of date its website is, seems to have run out of puff. What hope for the variety when most punters are quite happy to stick to Sauvignon?


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  • Paul Cluver7 February 2011

    Thanks for the post and highlighting that Riesling is one of the varietals that ages exceptionally well. The Riesling association is doing very well and currently working closely with the producers. We are bringing in some knew clones from overseas and will be having a stand again this year at WineX both in Cape Town and Jo’burg. We will also be doing a tasting in London like last year before the LIWTF. The committee is fairly well structured for the coming year each person focussing on a specific portfolio. We will also be doing a diner again at Old Mutual. More to follow. With regards to the website. You make a valid point and we will make sure that it does get updated . Yours in Riesling Paul

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