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Note to self: don’t be a wanker

Giles Coren
Giles Coren

From  Giles Coren of UK newspaper The Sunday Times on Roux at Parliament Sqaure, 12 Great George Street, London:

“The only other punters…  were a table of pale, flabby people taking photographs of everything on their plates before eating it.

I assume these people were food bloggers. And all power to them. My wife is one. But I think photographing one’s food in a restaurant is easily as rude, disrespectful and brutish as making a phone call, scrolling a BlackBerry or dropping one’s trousers in the middle of the room and taking a massive dump. And the next time I see it happen, I am going to complain to the waiter and see what transpires. Just for larks.”

Read the rest of the review here.


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