Reyneke Chenin Blanc 2010

By , 7 January 2014

Not just for tree huggers.

Not just for tree huggers.

How to turn consumers green? If we are perfectly selfish, rational beings, why should we purchase wine produced according to environmentally sustainable guidelines when the benefits of green consumption are (at best) very small and typically go to future generations?

Questions to ponder while last night drinking Reyneke Chenin Blanc 2010, the Best White and Best Wine Overall was at the 2011 Nedbank Green Wine Awards. White and yellow peach, a touch of honey, some leesy complexity. Relatively lean with lemon-like acidity and the overall impression savoury rather than sweet. Very good (score: 89/100) and easily the match of any conventionally produced wine but would its achievements in the Green Wine Awards have influenced sales?

Part of the problem with the Green Wine Awards in particular and the wine industry’s efforts to position itself as sensitive to the environment in general is that communication has been too dour and hasn’t succeeded in appealing to the emotions. Less discourse featuring dry statistics and more vivid examples of either joy (more birds in the vineyards, more leopards on the mountains) or misery (impending extinctions of fauna and flora).


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