Simonsig The Garland 2008

By , 15 June 2015

Simonsig The Garland 2008, Simonsig The Garland 2008


Simonsig The Garland 2008, Simonsig The Garland 2008

Big ticket item.

How to break the glass ceiling which exists when it comes to the price of South Africa’s top-end wines? Most critics agree that we are now making wine comparable in quality to just about anything in the world and yet our wines still sell at a significant discount.

One tactic producers seem to be employing is to release tiny volumes of “statement wines” at very high prices and the Garland 2008 from Simonsig is a case in point. A single-variety Cabernet Sauvignon, grapes were sourced from a select vineyard on the Simonsberg while it got the full treatment in the cellar, maturation lasting 26 months in French oak, 100% new. Total production was 1 500 bottles and Wine Cellar price per bottle is R1 395.

In colour, the wine shows a little bit of development, the outer rim starting to show browning but the nose and palate still remarkably intact. Red and black fruit, a definite herbal note but equally not violently green, graphite and spice. The palate meanwhile is full bodied yet possesses good freshness (more so than its 15%abv would lead you to think) and the tannins are fine, the oak well assimilated.

It’s classically styled and typically Simonsberg. Not particularly awe-inspiring but equally it’s not as brash as wanna-be “icon wines” often are. Winemaker Johan Malan suggests it will drink best from 2018 to 2022 but it would not be complete infanticide to drink it now and here I think Simonsig have been clever – by offering a pre-aged wine, they are filling a gaping hole in the market. They’ve made the best Cab they are capable of, kept it back as long as possible and are now asking a premium price for a finite quantiy. I suspect they will have no problem at all selling it.

Score: 91/100.

Simonsig The Garland 2008, Simonsig The Garland 2008


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  • Ryan15 June 2015

    Do you think the Cape Vintner Classification will help towards achieving higher prices for more producers? Will it be a tier system where a producer with a particular CVC status may charge between Rx and Ry? Do you think they will control prices this way?
    Sorry, many questions 🙂

    • Christian15 June 2015

      Hi Ryan, I think that CVC is either still born or the slowest burning marketing concept I’ve ever seen. Sorry, straight answer 🙂

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