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Slanghoek Vinay Crispy White N/V (1-litre bottle)

Proof that the Breedekloof overdelivers.
Proof that the Breedekloof overdelivers.

Is there reward to be had from a wine rated 2½ Stars? Tasting through the line-up of wines at Wine magazine’s Best Value Wine Show held yesterday, I really liked the Vinay Crispy White Non-vintage from Breedekloof winery Slanghoek. A blend of Chenin Blanc, Colombar and Sauvignon Blanc, it certainly lived up to its name with lots of zesty acidity to go with up-front fruit.

From a technical point of view, it’s well put together, with it being off-dry (residual sugar: 6.8g/l) but a brisk total acidity of 7.4g/l means you hardly notice any sweetness; in addition, it has a relatively low alcohol by volume of 12.5% so more drinking pleasure for longer.  It’s not a particularly demanding wine but something you might serve at your next pool party: no reason to feel aghast when the very cute but wine oblivious blonde drinks it with added ice or soda (as you might if you’d cracked out the Isliedh from Cape Point Vineyards).

It comes in both a standard 750ml bottle (R24 a bottle from the farm) and a one-litre bottle (R25 a bottle)and you should obviously opt for the large format packaging: not only more bang for your buck but also less frequent trips to the fridge.


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