Springfield Life from Stone Sauvignon Blanc 2008

By , 19 January 2015

How green was my valley.

How green was my valley.

Occasion, as we all know, has as much to do with wine appreciation as anything and Life from Stone Sauvignon Blanc from Robertson property Springfield was the star of the show when paired with braaied crayfish during an al fresco lunch over the weekend.

First, the 2008 which would give some insight into the wine’s ability to mature – Life from Stone has a reputation for being pyrazine-driven which very often tend towards a “pea soup” character as such wines age. Would this be the case here?

Not at all, the wine showing green melon and cucumber but also granadilla and a touch of honey. Great presence on the palate – rich but still balanced. Not super-detailed but entirely satisfying.

Score: 90/100.

Next, the current-release 2014 (R82 a bottle) which showed more obvious pyrazine character but not in an unpleasant way – fresh herbs and some gravel-road dustiness as well as lime and grapefruit. Again, great concentration  with lovely coated acidity. Likeable now but probably even better after another 12 months in bottle.

Score: 90/100.

This isn’t necessarily the most elegant examples of Sauvignon in the country but it’s nothing if not particular and it would be churlish to begrudge it its huge commercial success.


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