Home Sweet Wine Report 2018: Rules and entry form

Sweet Wine Report 2018: Rules and entry form


1. Wines must be certified as South African.
2. Wines entered must be commercially available (minimum stock requirement: 50 x 6 bottles). Producers may enter as many different wines as they see fit.
3. Entries close Wednesday 1 August.
4. An entry sample takes the form of two bottles plus the entry form and a technical analysis sheet. Samples must be delivered to 44 Liesbeek Road, Rosebank, Cape Town between 08h30 and 15h00 on Thursday 2 August. LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Classes of entry

Please include the number of the relevant class on your entry form:

  1. Natural Sweet
    2. Noble Late Harvest 
    3. Straw Wine – from naturally dried grapes
    4. Hanepoot – fortified wine from Muscat d’Alexandrie
    5. Muscadel – fortified wine from white or red Muscat de Frontignan

To enter, you must first log in as a producer – click here.

An entry fee of R862.50 including VAT per wine applies and you will be directed to our online shop to make payment after you have completed the entry form below. Please note that if you want to enter multiple wines, each will require a separate form although payment can be made all at once.

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