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Vergelegen V 2003


Vergelegen V 2003Cab and steak – a match made in heaven, supposedly because the meat protein reduces the perceived level of tannin in the wine, protein being positively charged and tannins negative, thus cancelling each other out.

A long overdue lunch with my brother at the Hussar Grill in Rondebosch, my choice a 500g prime rib cooked medium rare and his a 300g rump cooked rare. The restaurant is proud of its no corkage policy and to accompany serious meat, I supplied a serious Cab – the Vergelegen V 2003 (90% Cab, 7% Merlot and 3% Cab Franc).

Wine for enjoyment’ sake as opposed to being a subject for analysis and rating but it must be recorded that the Vergelegen showed beautifully – dense red and black fruit plus a touch of savoury developed character. More than enough substance to stand up to the food. 

At its peak? As we sipped the last of the bottle after plates had been cleared, the tannins were far more in evidence suggesting that this wine still has a way to go.


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