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Vote now to decide the slogan for Just Riesling


During February, producer association Just Riesling ran a competition across various blogs to determine its slogan. Members considered the entries and ended up with a tie.

The two slogans in contention are:
1. Ancient history, modern mystery
2. Join the Riesling revelation

Now they’re asking you to open a bottle of Riesling and vote between the two. Indicate your preference in reply to this post.

UPDATE – 30.03.11: Just Riesling have announced the winner as Ingrid Biesheuwel / @kungfukittypow for “Ancient History, Modern Mystery”.


  1. I’m with you Michael, both rather poor. I don’t really get them.

    1. Ancient history (implies they are not really relevant today) Modern Mystery (we don’t understand it today). 

    2.  Join the Riesling revelation. Can you join a revelation? You could have one, sure, but you can’t join one. 

    Riesling is better than that. 

  2. Definitely the one about the history. Agree with Harry about the ‘revelation’ rubbish. Too close to ‘revolution’ and you can’t grow Riesling in the Swartland.

  3. My vote: 2. Join the Riesling Revelation!

    Of course you can join a revelation. Just not in the same way as you would join a revolution. The true colours of Riesling needs to be revealed from the long-obscuring and confusing Crouchen Blanc (to many oblivious people out there, anyway). In fact, I think that I’ll reveal what’s under a 1999 Thelema Rhine Riesling’s cork tomorrow night. I’m sure I’ll get some friends to JOIN me – as I’m sure we’ll revel and marvel at what we find and it’s bound to be a real revelation to my friends who never got to taste oldish Riesling before.

    I like the other slogan too, although I think we’ve had enough mystery around Riesling in this country!

  4. Cool comments guys. The person I most disagree with is Kwispedoor, of course, my EVIL NEMESIS competitor! :D

    Hey, I wrote a bunch of other slogans I rather preferred, but really it should be up to the Just Riesling boys/girls after all, and I hope that whatever slogan you guys end up with ROCKS the Riesling world.

    Obviously, I vote for the much better, very clever, super relevant, more timeless gem of a slogan, no 1, namely mine. :D

    Kwispedoor, if you win (unlikely, hah!), can I slink into your 1999 Thelema tasting??

  5. I vote for Number 1 for sure! It gets me thinking about the brand and challenges me to unravel the mystery myself :)
    Don’t get too literal on yourself, guys! This is the world of the imagination, where figurative rules :D

    Good Luck Kung Fu Kitty!

  6. I don’t think that a slogan is necessary at all. It is always going to sound a bit naff isn’t it? “Slogan” – it just sounds very 80s don’t you think? ;)
    Mission statement makes sense. But when are you actually going to use a slogan?
    Personally I think that by having a better name for the organisation (than ‘Just Riesling’ which I suspect was chosen because the url was available) you don’t need a slogan.
    In the arenas that this group is going to interact they will be very easily identified for what they stand for and I don’t think a slogan will add to that.
    Just my 5c.

  7. @ Ingrid – I aslo preferred some of my other slogans. Perhaps they’re only trying to patronise me after my gazillion entries (I just loooooove Riesling and gunned for the prize). Sadly, it doesn’t look like the 1999 Thelema is going to get revealed this evening, as I’m swamped with work. You’re welcome to join in when I open it some other time (win or lose), but I’m up in Gauteng so don’t know if you live close enough…

  8. @ Kwispedoor Damn. I’m in Cpt – but thanks for the nice invite :) 
    Good luck with the work … and the competition! (But not as much good luck as for me I hope!)

  9. My vote is for “Ancient history, modern mystery”

    It implies that Riesling was around for a looong while, and yet it is still mysterious and
    that is an incentive to (drink) Riesling and decipher the mystery…. Very cool indeed.

    By the way an excellent Hemel-en-Aarde Riesling from La Vierge deserve more
    attention. It’s unusual. Such noble acidity and very nice rounded taste is still mystery for me,
    albeit a very pleasant one…

    Dusan aka @StefanLuka on twitter

  10. My vote is for no.2! I think the closeness of “revelation” to “revolution” is part of the appeal! Imagine changing a government by getting them to like Riesling!

  11. Definitely no. 2 Join the Riesling Revelation, because that is what Riesling is all about. History leaves a bad taste in your mouth.


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