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What “Dionysus” drank on 22.07.10

20 Bucks for a 3 Star wine? Bargain!
20 Bucks for a 3 Star wine? Bargain!

Dionysus says: “After all the hoopla regarding the Wine Mag Shiraz Challenge I went out and bought a bottle of Obikwa 2009 Shiraz at my local Pick ‘n Pay.

Having drunk Obikwa Merlot before and hated every sip I really wasn’t expecting much. But to my surprise the wine was worth its best value rating and 3 stars. A few minutes in the glass and the wine opened up beautifully, lovely red fruit and just a touch of spice. A nose that didn’t overpower you but rather said come inside and taste. On the palate the same thing, beautiful elegant fruit, nothing overpowering, just fine fruit, a hint of soft delicate tannins and beautiful freshness. This is not a big wine, it won’t last more than 2 years at best, but it is oh so drinkable right now.

This wine had me thinking of Cinderella. On the outside it really not that pretty, packing ain’t going to win any awards. But as soon as you pour it into a glass and take that first sip it is magically transformed into something more beautiful and elegant. What’s best, it was R24 per bottle and now it’s now only R20 per bottle! That’s R240 for a case of 12… “

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  1. For the record, I rated Obikwa 2009 14/20 during juding for the Shiraz Challenge and my tasting note was “Shy nose. Darky fruit along with a green note on the palate. Fresh acidity. No great complexity.” Wines that I really liked at under R60 a bottle, were Koelenbosch 2007 (R40) and Simonsig Mr Borio’s 2006 (R54), both of which I rated 16/20.

  2. I immediately went to buy a bottle of the Obikwa Shiraz at Boord Spar after the results were published. On the value side, its a well deserved recommendation as you don’t often get varietal wines under R30 which closely resembles what it states to be on the label – the Obikwa did. My problem lies in the star rating category it was placed in. If you put that wine next to many of the wines rated 3 stars or below, it will fall out of the bus. So on the value side a yeah, but on the rating side a no. 3 star wines are supposed to be ‘good to very good, fine character’ and the Obikwa from a technical and varietal point of view can’t be worth more than 2 stars which makes it ‘average, appealing’. But it still stays well priced. Maybe I just bought a different bottling batch which would make my comment worth zero, but then the judges should be protected against this as their reputations are on the line.


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