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What “Fee” drank on 03.09.10


wine stainsFee says: Friday night had me heading to the bright lights in the big city. (Let’s face it, De Waterkant’s lights are brighter than Mowbray’s and there’s definitely more life on the streets.)

Mates from Joburg down for a weekend of semi-gration from the Big Smoke had decreed that we were doing Thai. I took along what I thought was a dodgy bottle that might have lingered a little too long in my wine rack – and a back-up bottle Justin. (Just-in-case…)

A bottle of Sauvignon Blanc had been ordered and did service during the starters but it was somewhat pedestrian, neither complimenting nor detracting from the fish cakes, green papaya salad, pork something or other or the unbelievably good sirloin steak that has my mouth watering in a Pavlovian response as I type!

It was only when the shared mains were on the table that the alleged dodgy bottle – a 2000 vintage Rhine Riesling from Villiera – was broached. Utterly superb! The cork was somewhat dried out and came out of the neck more than a tad reluctantly – but the wine was sublime. It had gone all petrolly with ample terpene aromatics. The flavours were waxy, petroleum jelly but with a still fresh and lively twist of lime acidity. The gentle brush of residual sugar took all the zing out of the unpronounceable Thai dishes. It neatly extinguished the fire without detracting from the flavours. It was a sublime demonstration of why Asian restaurants really should have more of these aromatic wines on their lists.

Here you get to reminisce not just about bottles drunk but also great meals eaten and the crazy, crazy gang that was there at the time. Send photos and brief comments to widlneditor@gmail.com. Feel free to use a pseudonym and your email address will not be published.


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