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What Fiona McDonald drank on 04.06


wine stains

Thought I’d take you up on the offer of sharing what I drank… not quite last night, but I successfully avoided my laptop all weekend so have only got around to it today.

I’ve been ferreting around in my cellar and came across some wines (quite a few actually!) that should have been drunk a while ago. I decided to take them along to an ‘80s nostalgia bash on Friday night. (Yes,, yes – lots of Yazoo, Wang Chung and Duran Duran! Remember all those pastels and big hair on the boys?)

First wine out of the box was a 2000 Springfield Special Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc. Quelle surprise! Deeply yellow with a wonderful asparagus/vegetal nose. Still surprisingly fresh with distinct lemon/citrus flavour – when my brain was telling me that by all rights this wine should be shot! It was fab. Having fully expected to have to pour that down the sink I’d added a 2004 vintage of the same wine as a back-up.

Same result! Not as tertiary on the nose or as yellow in colour. Lovely tangy granadilla flavour and good length. Sauvignon Blanc is capable of ageing well if it’s well-made in the first place.

On to a red – 2003 Blue Creek Cabernet Sauvignon. I remember “discovering” Blue Creek at WINE mag a good few years ago and really enjoying Stellenbosch dentist Piet Smal’s “no fuss, no muss” approach to winemaking. Again,no disappointment. It was a wonderful wine when young – as memory serves, it rated 4 stars – and it is drinking beautifully now. Smooth, velvety, gorgeous cassis and cigarbox. Everything an aged cab should be.

So I wasn’t as bright and bushy-tailed as I should have been on Saturday morning but it was worth it!


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