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What Rihann Koekemoer drank on 08.01.11


Cono SurRihann says: “Like the vintage bicycle on the label suggests, this was never going to be an easy┬áride. However, if you give this wine a fair chance and picture yourself on an old bicycle, on a dirt road in the Colchagua valley, everything is easier from there. The tannins are at times slightly bumpy but at other times present and pleasant. What I liked the most about this wine is its honesty and balance. The Carmenere grape provides a solid, yet soft dark fruit structure. The Cabernet Sauv gives the wine acidity and balances the fruit nicely. In addition to the dark fruit, I picked up interesting aromas of pepper and spice, cloves and cinnamon. A decent well behaved wine that can be a good companion to a wide variety of dishes.”

Here you get to reminisce not just about bottles drunk but also great meals eaten and the crazy, crazy gang that was there at the time. Send photos and brief comments to widlneditor@gmail.com. Feel free to use a pseudonym and your email address will not be published.


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