Alternative Varieties Report 2018

By , 27 February 2018



Alternative Varieties Report 2018 is pleased to present the first annual Alternative Varieties Report focusing on single-variety wines which fall outside the mainstream.

52 white wine entries and 45 red wine entries were received and these were tasted blind (labels out of sight) by the three-person panel, scoring done according to the 100-point quality scale.

Wines to rate 90 or higher on the 100-point quality scale were as follows:

Arcangeli Feiteiras Verdelho 2016
Bosman Family Vineyards Fides Grenache Blanc 2016
Idiom Semillon 2015

Ken Forrester Woolworths Reserve Collection Viognier 2016
Org de Rac Roussanne 2017
Rickety Bridge Paulina’s Reserve Semillon 2016

Arcangeli Semillon 2016
Olifantsberg Grenache Blanc 2016
Dornier Semillon 2017

Bosman Family Vineyards Semillon 2015
David Nieuwoudt Ghost Corner Semillon 2016
Leeuwenkuil Family Vineyards Grenache Blanc 2016
Morgenster Vespri Vermentino 2017
Nitida The Tinkery Viognier 2017
Usana Pinot Gris 2016
Vrede en Lust Early Mist Riesling 2017
Vrede en Lust Artisan Range Semillon 2016
Vrede en Lust Viognier 2017

Warwick Cabernet Franc 2015

Morgenster Nabucco Nebbiolo 2014
Rietvallei JMB Cabernet Franc 2015

Blackwater Daniel Grenache 2017
Blackwater Hinterland Cinsault 2014
Koelenbosch Sangiovese 2015 (Koelenhof)
Rainbow’s End Cabernet Franc 2016
Raats Dolomite Cabernet Franc 2015
Raats Family Cabernet Franc 2015
Sutherland Grenache Reserve Red 2016
Sutherland Petit Verdot Reserve 2015
Warwick Cabernet Franc 2014
Waverley Hills Grenache 2017

To read the report in full, download the following: Alternative Varieties Report 2018


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    Sebastian Beaumont | 2 March 2018

    Fair enough! didnt hear about it till now. No problem with the fee! Agree on the ratio!

    Sebastian Beaumont | 1 March 2018

    Great report but not complete!
    What happened to Mourvedre!! or is that not a varietal that features in this category.
    Didn’t see a review for one of the single varietal wines produced. Fairview, Spice Route, Raka, Val De Vie, Waterkloof and of coarse my Mourvedre that was first bottled as a single varietal in 1999.

      Christian Eedes | 1 March 2018

      Got to be in it to win it! An fee of R750 applied per entry – why so much you ask? We want to be part of the 14% of the SA wine industry that IS profitable rather than the 86% that’s not.

    Ben | 27 February 2018

    While I try not to pore over these results relative to other tastings, it must be asked what happened to the Dark Side of the Vine Semillon? In October it was scored 97, and was a top 20 of 2017.

      Christian Eedes | 27 February 2018

      Hi Ben,

      It sits at a stylistic extreme in terms of how oxidative it is – the thing about blind tasting is that you want to reward brave wines but equally you don’t want to be suckered by something that’s more flawed than anything else. I think in this instance the panel erred on the side of caution. It remains a super-interesting drop for me.

        Ben | 27 February 2018

        Ah, interesting, thanks for replying. The ‘controversy’ perhaps leaves me more intrigued to try it…

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