Delaire Graff Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2009 vs. Verglegen V 2008

By , 11 March 2013



Ebony and ivory.

Two Cabs I really like namely the Delaire Graff Reserve 2009 and the Vergelegen V 2008 have received further endorsement with the all-French panel officiating at this year’s Taj Classic Wine Trophy awarded them both a trophy.

Fascinating to drink them side by side at the awards dinner on Friday night. The fruit purity on the Delaire Graff (R300 a bottle) is startlingly good while the Vergelegen (R900 a bottle) has a certain herbaceous coolness, a Bordeaux Left Bank leafiness about it. The two wines divided our table with some preferring the seamlessness of the Delaire, others the slightly green-edged and perhaps more old-fashioned Vergelegen.

Notably different but no gainsaying fundamental quality and how exciting if those differences were more about site than winemaking method.


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  • Billabong6 April 2019

    Well done Christian. Your tasting notes are spot on as usual and very consistent; Especially considering the most recent admission from Vergelegen that the leaf roll virus affected their whole vineyard around this time. Call it as you see it.

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