Delamain Extra de Grand Champagne Cognac

Top shelf.

Top shelf.

“We produce in a year what [market leader] Hennessy produces in three days,” says Patrick Payrelongue, president of Delamain Cognac.  Wine importer Great Domaines has added Delamain Cognac to its portfolio and Payrelongue  is currently in South Africa to introduce the brand.

Delamain produces only Extra Old (no VS or VSOP) and uses grapes sourced exclusively from Cognac’s best terroir known as Grande Champagne. Production is less than 30 000 cases a year and Payrelongue describes the house style as being about “lightness and delicacy”. Out of the 100 000 cases of Cognac sold annually in South Africa, only 1 000 are XO so this really is stuff for the connoisseur.

Delamain “Pale & Dry”
Great Domaines price: R995
Average age of blend: 25 years. Elegant and understated – vanilla, spice and some floral perfume on the nose while the palate provides a smooth and savoury experience without any overt flavours.

Delamain “Vesper”
Great Domaines price: R1 695
Average age of blend: 35 years. More typical with notes of vanilla, nuts, spice and caramel. More full-bodied and powerful.

Delamain “Extra”
Great Domaines price: R3 775
Average age of blend: 40 years (and including a crucial 0.5% of the 1947!). Very perfumed including dried fruit, flowers and spice. Light, fresh and extremely elegant.

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