Domaine des Dieux Claudia Brut 2011

September 14, 2017
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Tasting notes and ratings for the trophy winners at the Amorim Méthode Cap Classique Challenge 2017 as follows:

Domaine des Dieux Claudia Brut 2011

Let’s get fizzical.

Best Brut:
Domaine des Dieux Claudia Brut 2011
White peach and apple plus some yeasty complexity. Rich with lemon-like acidity and a creamy, nicely energetic mousse. The finish, meanwhile, is long and savoury.

Editor’s rating: 91/100.

Best Rosé:
Simonsig Woolworths Pinot Noir Rosé No Sulphur Added 2015
A vague strawberry note to an otherwise neutral nose. The palate is light, fresh and clean with a fine mousse and a very dry finish. Elegant and technically correct but not very complex.

Editor’s rating: 87/100.

Best Blanc de Blanc, Best Overall:
Simonsig Cuvée Royale Blanc de Blancs 2012
Lemon plus plenty of biscuit-like character on the nose. Rich and full on the palate with a creamy mousse and a pleasantly austere finish. A well balanced, carefully assembled bubbly.

Editor’s rating: 90/100.

Best Museum Class:
Graham Beck Brut Zero 2005
Some citrus plus difficult-to-describe bottle-aged character on the nose. Good depth of flavour on the palate although the bubble now appears slightly lazy. Mellow with a gently savoury finish.

Editor’s rating: 89/100.

Find our South African wine ratings database here.

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