C. Mendes Vinho Verde

By , 3 September 2010



Vinho Verde is the fresh and deliciously unpretentious white of the Minho region in Portugal. Vasco de Gama Tavern in Alfred Street, Cape Town serves excellent peri-peri half chicken and chips (R48.90). A great way to spend lunch.

The grapes for Vinho Verde are picked early making for a wine that has a low alcohol (typically between 8.5% and 11%) and high acidity and also why it is called “verde” or green, the fact that the bottle of C. Mendes we had (R83.90) appeared almost luminous green in colour totally coincidental). In addition, Vinho Verde has a slight petillance, this due to bottling taking place very early and malolactic fermentation encouraged to occur in the bottle.


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