Opstal Syrah Viognier Blush 2011

By , 9 December 2011

Pink wine that won't leave you red-faced.

Can pink wine ever be serious? A valiant effort from Attie Louw of Slanghoek winery Optstal with his Blush 20011, the wine a blend of 64% Syrah, 30% Viognier and 6% Colombar, the red Syrah and white Viognier grapes left together on the skins for three hours before pressing.

A somewhat curious but not unlikeable result. It’s surprisingly shy on the nose despite the use of usually aromatic Viognier; the palate, meanwhile, shows red fruit, peach and a hint of spice, all quite muted. Texture, however, is relatively thick and creamy (thanks to seven months on the lees) while acidity seems rather soft. To its great credit, the wine does not appear unduly sweet. It costs R55 a bottle from the farm and while I was initially inclined to score it 14.5 on the 20 point scale, I settled on 15 because it’s made with a bit of imagination.


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