Palladius 2011

By , 20 July 2013



The benchmark has just been raised.

The bar has just been raised.

On Friday, a tasting of the new releases from Sadie Family Wines. The highlight was the white blend Palladius 2011, one of the finest wines I’ve ever tasted out of South Africa.

Palladius 2011
Case price: R 2636.34
Chenin Blanc, Grenache Blanc, Marsanne, Roussanne, Viognier, Semillon, Semillon Gris, Palomino, Clairette Blanche and Verdelho. A wonderfully broad flavour spectrum including green through white through yellow fruit. The lasting impression, however, is savoury rather than sweet. Complex but also utterly seamless – does not feel in any way constructed which perhaps has been the shortcoming of previous vintages (at least for me). Invigorating to drink.

Columella 2011
Case price: R 3628.28
Syrah, Mourvèdre. Red and black fruit plus some fynbos on the nose. Appears rich and ripe with a rather smooth texture and soft but sufficient acidity – just spicy and peppery enough to avoid becoming an outright blockbuster.

Die Ouwingerdreeks

Skerpioen 2012
Case price: R 1073.74
Field blend of Palomino and Chenin  Blanc. Understated peach and yellow apple flavours plus a gentle spicy quality. Good concentration and yet still “nervy” thanks to a good line of acidity.  

Skurfberg 2012
Case price: R 1073.74
Chenin Blanc. Baked apple and spice. Great intensity – huge presence in the mouth. Juicy and full but snappy acidity lends balance.

‘T Voetpad 2012
Case price: R 1307.12
Field blend of Muscat d’Alexandrie, Semillon Blanc, Semillon Girs, Palomino and Chenin Blanc. Delicately floral on the nose. A pretty wine with sweet fruit and tangy acidity. Perhaps not quite as arresting as other whites in the range.

Kokerboom 2012
Case price: R 1307.12
Semillon, Semillon Gris. Thatchy quality on the nose. Broad on entry then the acidity kicks in making for a lovely dry finish. Yellow fruit plus a slightly herbaceous note which adds a very nice counterpoint.

Mev. Kirsten 2012
Case price: R 4161.46
Chenin Blanc. A bit of reductive pong on the nose. Bruised apple, earth, spice and a vague leesy note. Incredible intensity but a bit fuzzy around the edges.

Pofadder 2012
Case price: R 1167.11
Cinsaut. Plums, strawberry and low-level spice. Rich with moderate acidity and relatively soft tannins. Very approachable.

Soldaat 2012
Case price: R 1307.12
Grenache. Red cherry and fynbos aromas. Weightless intensity. Medium bodied, great line of acidity and fine tannins. Wonderfully spicy without being at all green or stalky. Long, dry finish.

Treinspoor 2012
Case price: R 1073.74
Tinta Barocca. Dark fruit plus an earthy note. Intensely flavoured and massively tannic – in a good way. Moderate acidity.


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  • Hennie21 July 2013

    Christian, the Columella 2010 or 2011? which one do you think rates higher?

  • David C20 July 2013

    Will really enjoy talking about these wines with you C (as I do about most wines). I arrived very late on the saturday arvo – so got to see the last third of most bottles rather than the fresh gear I am assuming you got.

    I will not, however, be talking about cricket.


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