Springfield Special Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc 2012

By , 13 October 2014





Can relatively warm-climate Robertson make truly excellent wines from a cool-climate varieties by legitimate means? That’s the question which always makes opening a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Springfield a slightly fraught experience. This Robertson property makes two examples of Sauvignon Blanc, namely Life from Stone and Special Cuvée, that are so good, some competitors insist that some sort of trickery, either in the vineyard or cellar, must have taken place.

A bottle of Special Cuvée 2012 was broached recently and all nasty speculation went out the window. Intense grapefruit, a hint of granadilla and a little white pepper on the back palate. Rich and thick textured in the best way with lovely coated acidity. What pyrazine character was in evidence only added to the drinking experience. A really delicious bottle of wine.

Score: 88/100.


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  • Pieter13 October 2014

    Amazing what just that little outcrop of limestone can do for a vintner in a place as hot as Robertson. Great example of using what nature gives you and turning out wines that makes even your fellow winemakers question the end result. Springfield has a great following in the UK and makes my job as a Saffa Somm in the UK very easy to promote SA wines.

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