Bergsig Reserve Chenin Blanc 2015

August 8, 2016
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Bergsig Reserve Chenin Blanc 2015

Va va voom.

The Breedekloof Chenin Blanc Initiative established in 2014 gathers momentum, an official media launch taking place last week in Cape Town. It will be now be known to the public as “Breedekloof Makers” and has its own Twitter handle to this effect, to wit @Breedemakers.

There are now 12 wineries on board, these being Badsberg, Bergsig, Botha Kelder, Breëland, Deetlefs, Lateganskop, Merwida, Olifantsberg, Opstal, uniWines (this wine appearing under the Daschbosch label), Slanghoek and Stofberg Family Vineyards.

There were a selection of wines from the 2014 and 2015 vintages on show at the recent event and it must be said that the general standard was very good. Stylistically, the wines tend to be rich and broad, a note of spanspek perhaps being the defining character of these as a group, this in addition to the more usual citrus and peach you would expect of wines from this variety.

Particularly impressive on the day was the Reserve 2015 from Bergsig, which was fermented and matured for 12 months in French and American oak. On the nose, a floral top note before citrus and white peach plus vanilla and some nuttiness. The palate possesses lovely fruit concentration and fresh acidity before a savoury finish. It’s rich but possesses plenty of detail. Price: RXX.

#WinemagRating: 92/100.

Find our South African wine ratings database here.

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