Bardero 2012

By , 10 June 2013



More than a curiosity.

More than a curiosity.

Another pleasant discovery during Saturday lunch at the Chapmans Peak Hotel, was owner Lidia Nobrega’s own Bardero 2012. Served to me blind, I initially thought it was a Chenin Blanc but turns out its Colombard.

Fruit comes from a Swartland vineyard some 20 years old in age but usually left for the birds to eat. In 2012, however, Nobrega took it upon herself to make some wine, extensive sorting occurring in the vineyard and a concrete egg provided for vinification by Eben Sadie of Sadie Family Wines.

There’s guava through peach, good palate weight and nice savoury finish and at only 12% alcohol by volume, it really is a lunchtime wine.  Sadie suggested the name “Aspoestertjie” on account of Colombard being the “Cinderella of white grapes” – Nobrega settled for an image of Cinderella at the ball and called the wine simply Bardero, a synonym for Colombard. R135 a bottle on the winelist.

Score: 86/100.


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  • Hennie @ Batonage10 June 2013

    Is Chappies Hotel the only place you can get this? An aside – did you know Aspoestertjie was first known as Liewe Heksie? Apparently the name change came about after an unfortunate broom fire incident.

  • Christian10 June 2013

    R75 a bottle from Chapmans Peak Wine & Spirits.

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