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Fairview Extraño 2010


Viva Espana.
Viva Espana.

In an article I wrote for Wine.co.za reviewing the composition of the national vineyard, Andrew Barns of Wellington wine nursery Mischa says “I often think we are more like Rioja than Bordeaux and should be planting more Tempranillo but it’s Bordeaux which sells”. Whereas plantings of Cabernet Sauvignon currently amount to nearly 12 000ha, Tempranillo comes in at under 100ha.

I was curious then to try Extraño 2010 from Fairview, which features 62% Tempranillo plus 22% Grneache and 16% Carignan (the name meaning “stranger” in Spanish). Red and black fruit, some spice plus a definite earthy undertone. Thick textured with moderate acidity. Plenty of character if not particularly nuanced, it’s fair value at R60 a bottle.

Score: 85/100.


  1. I had a chance to sample Extrano with the winemaker Antony it is definitely a good value for money wine and will certainly improve given the tannins structure from Tempranilo. however Grenache and carignan are making the wine more accessible on early stage.


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