Longridge Pinotage 2007

By , 6 May 2011

Longridge Pinotage 2007, Longridge Pinotage 2007


Longridge Pinotage 2007, Longridge Pinotage 2007


The South African Wine Index (SAWi) is a fairly recent initiative that attempts to collate the results of multiple local and international wine competitions in order to present one single score on a 100-point scale. Obvious shortcomings at this stage include the fact that SAWi has yet to get all producers to sign up and the index does not allow for vintage. Even so, it’s a smart idea in principle. For SAWi’s take on which wines constitute South Africa’s best, see the “96+ Club”.

The same development team will soon be offering the Food & Wine Pairing Menu application delivered via Ipad for restaurants. The menu of the day is displayed and wines are recommended according to the choice of food dish. Most of the wine content is supplied by the participating wineries but also includes SAWi quality and value ratings.

At a function held at Longridge in Stellenbosch, guests got to test a prototype version of the application. I thought functionality was fair but content was dismal. Climatic influences on the Sauvignon Blanc 2009, for instance, read as follows: “Cool moderate rainy Mediterranean warm sunny summers, gentle warm breezes from ocean influence 4km away, wind flow interrupted by mountain capturing winter rain summer winds”. Eh?

Luckily, there was plenty of Longridge Pinotage 2007 to drink, a wine which just happened to be amongst the winners in the 2009 Absa Top 10 Pinotage competition. SAWi, meanwhile, rates Longridge Pinotage generally as “Excellent Wine of Distinction / Exceptionally Outstanding” (depicted symbolically by four out of a possible five wine glasses) and gives it 116% on its value index. I liked it for its concentrated dark fruit offset by a pleasing savoury character.


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  • Rubão10 January 2013

    Why isn’t there any vintage indication in the ratings of SAWi? Is it implied that they are rating the most recent ones?

  • Christian11 January 2013

    SAWin rankings are based on the combined results a SAWi-registered cellar and its wines achieved over time. This has merit in that it goes towards pedigree but problematic in that even First Growths can have a dud vintage.

  • Uwe Böbs22 April 2014

    I found the Lrdge 2007 Pinotage somehow bitter on the aftertaste….a common problem with Pino. I tasted it alongside a 2008 Lngrdge Pino, which was substantially smoother and fruit driven. I would describe this 2007 as a faulty wine ! Pity.

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