Red ESCape 2010

By , 15 February 2013

Connection timed out?

Okay, so I missed the online launch of Red ESCape 2010 (R54 a bottle) on internet-based radio station Zone Radio this past Wednesday but I think you have to give brand-owner Distell points for trying.

The label attempts to attract the wired generation with plenty of “technology” cues (and will surely divide opinion down the middle) and trying to take a wine public through social media alone is admirable if foolhardy (@RedEscapeWine had all of 14 Twitter followers at the time of writing).

Unfortunately, the wine itself leaves a lot to be desired: a blend of Pinotage and Shiraz out of the Stellenzicht cellar, it’s overtly sweet and soft, while also showing a slight reductive note on the nose. Score: 14/20.


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