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Getwine acquires CyberCellar

By , 21 August 2023



Ad, Johan and Karel Wegner of Getwine.

Online wine company Getwine has announced its recent acquisition of fellow online operation CyberCellar. Founded in 1998, CyberCellar is South Africa’s oldest wine e-commerce retailer. It was acquired by now defunct distributor Publik in 2019 before Southern Skies Investment Holdings run by Australian entrepreneur Andrew Douglas took it over in attempt to rescue and rehabilitate it last year, only for Southern Skies to announce its own closure in July this year.

Getwine is headquartered in the Western Cape, but chief operating officer Johan Wegner says the company’s strategic vision to expand its footprint on a national scale, with a particular focus on engaging consumers in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal  and the acquisition of CyberCellar is seen as a natural progression toward achieving this goal.

Wegner says he wants Getwine to emerge as the “preeminent leader in South Africa’s wine e-commerce sector”. The company started in 2003 when he and his two brothers embarked on a venture of selling unlabelled wines to a community of friends and relatives.


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    B Coates | 6 December 2023

    The loss of Cybercellar is dramatic for the small wine producer and for us who love the great wines being produced by so many small wineries. Cybercellar focussed and promoted this market and for us not in the Cape we have no other access to this market. Getwine appear to have severed this market from their portfolio. A sad day.

      Kwispedoor | 6 December 2023

      They did the same when they bought SaleWine; it seems that they basically just take over the mailing lists. Every time I was hopeful that Getwine’s product offering will get more adventurous/interesting with the acquisitions, but alas …

    mike Fergus | 23 August 2023

    Go well with your new purchase may it prove to be an excellant move

    GillesP | 21 August 2023

    Good luck to Get Wine for this new venture. I always have great online and delivery service from Get Wine. It wasn’t exactly the same with Cyber Cellar on the few occasions I purchased from them so let’s hope they can turn it around.

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