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Lismore lost in Gretyon fire

By , 19 December 2019



On the 17 December, a wildfire destroyed highly regarded Gretyon property Lismore owned by Samantha O’Keefe, originally of California.

The devastated Lismore homestead. Unfortunately, two cats and one dog didn’t survive the fires but all staff members made it to safety. Attribution: Unknown.
What remains of the cellar, which was affectionately known as the “Red Shed”. Attribution: Unknown.

To help O’Keefe cover some of her immediate financial commitments, various crowdfunding campaigns have been launched.

To make a donation on South African site BackaBuddy, click here.

To make a donation on American site GoFundMe, click here.


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    keith | 23 December 2019

    Such tragic news but I am sure Samantha will rise from the ashes and Lismore will continue to produce great wine,even if the estate wine will have to wait a few years
    All the best Sam

    Kevin R | 19 December 2019

    They were doing so well.
    The biggest condolences.

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